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Sikh Society of Rochester

The Sikh Society of Rochester is a non for profit organization situated in Henrietta, New York. It was established in 2010 by a few pious Sikhs to share and spread the teachings of Guru Nanak Sahib, the founder of Sikh faith. A Sikh means disciple, is a follower of Sikhism, a monotheistic religion which originated during the 15th century in the Punjab region of South Asia. A Sikh, according to Article I of the Sikh Rehat Maryada (the Sikh code of conduct), is "any human being who faithfully believes in One Immortal Being; ten Gurus, from Guru Nanak to Guru Gobind Singh; Guru Granth Sahib; the teachings of the ten Gurus and the baptism bequeathed by the tenth Guru"..

Gurdwara Services

Sunday Diwan

Sunday Diwan

The Sunday service begins at 11:00AM with recitation of either Japuji Sahib, a bani (Sikh terminology) written by the first guru, Guru Nanak Sahib or with Sukhmani sahib, a bani (Sikh terminology) written and complied by the fifth guru, Guru Arjan Sahib. After the recitation of bani, Kirtan and Ardaas are performed. Before completing the ceremony, vegetarian Langer (food) is served to one and all.

Sunday Diwan

Book Your Langar

Langar is the term used in the Sikh religion for common kitchen where food is served in a Gurdwara to all the visitors (without distinction of background) for free. At the langar, only vegetarian food is served, to ensure that all people, regardless of their dietary restrictions, can eat as equals. At the Langar (Kitchen), food is served to all visitors regardless of faith, religion or background.

Sunday Diwan

Khalsa School

The text of Guru Granth Sahib is called Gurbani which can be translated into any language to understand it. But the bliss of devine word is unmatchable when it is read read, recited or listened in Gurmukhi. One feels connected to Guru right away. Teach your kids Gurmukhi at home. If additional help is required, please registered them to Khalsa School at the Gurdwara.

Daily Hukamnamah from Sri Darbar Sahib
Amritsar, Punjab, India


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